How to get more people to the aloha servers

Tell your friends and family about B&S!! Tell them about aloha! Anything, aloha servers just really need more people right now.

Lol what if there are 15 year olds in my family?

We should get more people after people realize how bad 1.0 is. :smiley:

Half of the times I want to play on babel or pinpoint, the servers are already full…

The release of 1.0 has increased the number of players on aloha.

I could be wrong.

If only AoS had 64 player servers.

I agree. we have been slowly gaining back our players.

shortly after 1.0 release there was only one or two servers with ANY players on it.

now we have 3 or 4 full servers and another 3 or 4 half-full servers.

Aloha dose have alot of players ur kinda hogging the players to be honest

I have done after discovering this place. I shall bring an army!

actually, the total number of players on servers were usually near 500 before AoS was released on Steam. now we seem to be averaging about half that, which is still great considering official support for AoS Classic is pretty much nonexistent. player counts for both and are in fact increasing as time goes on.

That is very good to hear.

That’s because BnS is awesome. Thanks for helping Stack and Danheze create it :slight_smile:

I’m suprised that nobody sued Jagex yet

Sued? I believe they purchased AOS from the creator.

No. Sued for ruining the game. is currently the ONLY server group of B&S to have a specialized branch of the AOS division of TacOps