How to get AoS 1.0 free

PrizeRebel is a great site where you can sign up, do offers, get points and gain rewards (such as game cards which is what we want).

Now I know you are thinking “This is to good to be true.”

Not quite, in fact, it would probably be easier to mow your neighbors lawns or beg for money.

You have to do surveys, and other random offers to get points. It’s not easy. It’s hard. But it’s free.

So without further ado, the signup link



Referral link spotted.
Will sign up, but will not use.

Yeah me too
Where can we download 0.75?

lol just use ThePiratebay!

Yeah on a multiplayer Steam game. Good luck on that.

Signed up, tried some crap, got confused. Gg brain.

Yeah, it can be hard to use at first. The most reliable way to get points is to do external offers → Radium one. Really easy, can do up to 50 an hour.

Yes! Australia is included too! :3
I’m signing up as we speak! ;D

There is a whole organization just called “NoSteam” that only cracks steam games. No luck needed, they aren’t even the only ones.

Tell me moar :slight_smile:

Def will be using cracked AoS 1.0, why waste money on it?

Their are ways to play multiplayer steam games with a cracked one. where you can have access to servers and join them.

Can’t we just go to build and shoot?

B&S has only 0.75, not 1.0