How to change the default crosshair [in linux]

u know the default cross hair is boring and you want it to change and maybe use nons cross hair but how?? Here i will show u how to do that.So when u install mods in Linux u have the .local file in which there is the openspades mod there make a file named Gfx inside that u have to make the skin of the cross hair or make an image now it doesn’t matter at first what extension it is but later it will now u make the image.Lets say its a dot.First of all u have to resize the image i use gimp personally but u can use anything its just to resize the image to 16x16 thats the smallest.40x40 is good but dont make it too big of a size after that as i said u need to change the extension u have to change it to tga/.tga.Its the extension that openspades takes in for the default crosshair and for some other images.So u can use the png to converter or as i simply use gimp u can export images from png to tga since if u rename the extensions of images it doesnt show in Linux and there u have it if theres any problem just ask it down in the comments :grinning: