How do u make a server like aloha

can anybody help me

they’re running pyspades

it’s a standalone server software so you don’t need any part of the game itself installed to use it. you need about 3Mbps upstream minimum and a CPU that isn’t ancient to run one full 32 player server without lag.

To add on to what Izzy said, you’re going to have to forward your ports to allow people to enter your server. Also, you’re going to want to mess with the configuration file of your server to modify it to the extend that you wish.

I would encourage you to look here

JestServers only provides non-laggy VPS’. That is, for a charge. If you want to run a free one, just download Pyspades, forward your ports, and then set it up.

See my server setup/port forwarding guide for pyspades and vanilla:

To add on to what they said, you then can add scripts that protect against aimboting, fog color and much more to make your server much more interesting and fun.

I don’t think a newer script that detects aimbots has been added yet, considering that it’s very hard to tell an aimbot from a non-aimbot in the newest update.