How do I switch weapons/teams without restarting the game?

Whenever I am on a computer that has the required OpenGL requirements, I will always choose to play OpenSpades instead of Ace of Spades. It’s a fun game, but there’s been something that I’ve wanted to know for a while.

How do you switch weapons or teams without restarting OpenSpades? I know the buttons are , and . in the regular Ace of Spades, but this won’t work in OpenSpades.

Thanks in advance; I hope there’s not something obvious that I’m missing :slight_smile:

Go away you are in the wrong forums.

Press the L for loser

Its ‘L’ Key. Next time just Google it. :slight_smile: Google is your BEST friend always. Google it say like “how to switch weapons in openspades”.

To the other guys that replied: Why are you being so harsh? he just asked a question.

Thanks, I thought I had run my hands along all the keys; I guess I was mistaken.

Also, the top result here is a question that I asked :wink:

I did answer his question…