How about a Halloween event?

This Saturday is Halloween and Superdog and I were talking about the possibility of doing a group build of a
pumpkin patch type them build. Who would be interesting in doing a group build on Halloween?

We would need to scout an area (maybe in spawn zone)
We should probably light that area up and keep mobs out while we build
We would need to gather up resources such as pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, hay bales ,etc

Any other ideas?

Sounds awesome, I’ll donate pumpkins and hay, and I’ll donate my time on Friday night! Saturday I am very busy, will not be able to come online most likely.

What should be done is someone scout for an area at spawn, and then do a mock-design of what you think it should be. That way, even if you are not online (not necessarily you shywolf, but whoever wants to make the design :stuck_out_tongue: ) people can still follow along with the build!

That sound good. We could even do this event friday-sunday to celebrate halloween.

We should decide how big to build it and come up with a good design and theme (do we want to to be spooky, etc).

What do we want in our pumpkin patch (pumpkin, hay, haunted house, cobwebs, cemetery ,etc)

I think some cobwebs would go nicely with the theme

Yeah, it can be a weekend long event and whoever shows up can contribute.

Perhaps we do a few things and people can kinda decide to add/do each one: haunted house, cemetery, pumpkin patch, scarecrows, etc. Then people can just kinda hop onto the server, find the place and add to the build…if that makes sense lol

Uh, we should limit the size to no bigger than 75x75, I think. That’s plenty large for everything.