hotels in hallway?

I have noticed lately that lots of people on hallway have been ADDICTED to building “hotels”. In my opinion…it just causes extra drama and I have actually seen it get to the point where people were cussing at each other over who gets to be the “manager/leader” of these “hotels” and people who were arguing over what color/type of furniture they want to “buy”. I know there is nothing that anybody can do about it but I just wanted to get other peoples views on this little fetish that people on hallway have.

I saw that yesterday, with that red comfy chairs in lower left corner of hallway, “hotel of gay.” People draw penises, it’s just another fad.

I often build stand up homes right in the middle of the battle field, and sit and wait.

please post screen shots when you see cool stuff on the map overview :smiley:

the hotel was built in the hallway not on hallway. entrance door was actually on one of the tops of the riser lol but yeah you could snap some pics from inside. ;D

Can u only take screenshots of the overview? Or can u take pics of other stuff also to post? I don’t even know how to take a screnshot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Press ctrl + print screen. Then paste picture at desktop.

I feel like hallway is becoming more Minecraft than AoS.

I am good with that :slight_smile:

Not if half the teams are going to play minecraft.

I don’t like minecraft…probably just cause its so laggy on my 5 year old computer ;D

These “hotels” were one of my favorite aspects of hallway. Everything comes with drama, live with it. There isn’t really a way to prevent this anyways, so it can’t be solved.

My computer is 7 years old a vista and has 1 gb ram and runs great with minecraft.

wow lucky you :stuck_out_tongue:

can I grief the shit out of it?.. as an enemy of course :wink:

because according to my standards, building that isn´t usefull for battle is building that needs to be taken away.
I understand that some people would not want that to happend, but, If an enemy griefs a building that isnt’t even used for anything battle related, he is not doing anything wrong amirite?

It may not be useful to you, but destroying something for pure meaness, to purposly go OUT of your way to destroy it is MY definition of griefing… think of it as a kid playing in the sandbox, another kid comes up kicks sand in his face, tears apart the sandbox. Why? because the kid in the sandbox didnt want to swing? So basically that would be considered a Bully. Sometimes however the structue mau need to be destroyed in order to get around it. This is a delima and it could be remedied so to speak, just add a build only server and that would relieve alot i believe. Even so, you will never stop it from happening completely so why add fuel to the fire. Its like camping, some do it, some dont should the ones who do it be votekicked for strategy?? NO, they shouldnt. Me personally, on most maps im WFO (thats wide fuckin open) some im not… learning and having respect for others will get you farther in the end.

Destroying enemy structures is not griefing.

I agree with AEM…although, when I destroy an enemy structure, its either because it gets in my way, or it gives the enemy an advantage in combat.

In my opinion, destroying anything of the enemy’s is not griefing.
It’s not about being mean, but rather the fact you’re the enemy and you’re humiliating them.

True. That’s what I said.