Host an own custom server ?

I’d like to have a custom server where I could upload my own ascript, my own gamemode and become the admin.

Is that possible ?


In custom game I think that’s no possible

It’s possible in the pysnip server, where you can create scripts, maps, you can be admin, etc.

This is a bit difficult

I download my server from this link

The folder with the server is called “dist” and into, there are many files

data: empty for me
logs: chat history that is stored when you open the server
maps: No need to explain
scripts: more info on Scripting language - Wikipedia
web: i dont know what is this
bans.txt: if you ban a player on your server, this ban will look here.
config.txt: this is important, if you will change something, please do a backup. Is recommended open this file with the program Notepad++
Here is all info of your server: name, login of admin, mod, scripts that you will use, etc.
Do a backup before edit.
Run.exe: this work to open the server. When you execute this, dont close, or your server crash.
Run.bat: if config.txt have a error, that error can be apreciate on the run.bat. You can correct the error

Well a bit of information

I’m not expert on this, but I know a little

Sorry for my english

You will need to either rent your own server/vps or download the files and run from your own computer

You can also use the bns custom server maker to make temp servers

a note about running from your own local network: most ISPs are not suited for server hosting, since most home users don’t host servers for other people of any kind.
so, the bandwidth and structuring of your ISP’s networks might be turn out to be bad for hosting servers. it is better to buy / rent servers/VPS’s.
tl;dr: it’s best not to

also, it is better to download from here:
“Download repository” option is the most up-to-date, but it generally requires Linux (which all good VPSs have, mind you :P)

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fixed that for you :)[/details]

i’d post a rough guide for setting up your own server on Linux but it’s been so long since i’ve had to do it that i’d probably leave too many things out for comfort.
getting a new host soon though, hopefully i document my steps when i do things on it.

Thank you for your replies, but I can install and run the server with run.bat, after server doesn’t work.

I see “Pysnip server” on the server list, but it disconnects when entered.

Any idea ?

Well, if you want to have a template, you can go to

Yes but in hosting.buildandshoot you can’t have the controll of server’s datas. I’m interrested on a server that I can grow up myself and experiment new gamemodes.

you need to port forward the port AoS uses, which by default is 32887 (UDP). then others can connect to your server

Open “execute.exe”
type “cmd.exe”
into type “ipconfig” (without “”)
Look your Default Gateway


Open your Internet browser
In new tab, type your Default Gateway
This prompts you for a password
Default, type “admin” in the 2 boxes
Its go you to the configuration of your router


Go to “forwarding” and “virtual servers”
Click on add new


Service Port: 32887
Internal Port: Nothing
IP Address: In your cmd “ipconfig” type your IPv4
Protocol: UDP
Status: Enabled

Common Service Port: Nothing