Is it okay if I use hInjector for “AoS Framerate Fix”? Considering my laptop is a 2008 piece of shit. I haven’t got any false votekicks and bans yet.

Its ok

That’s how I used to inject pubovl, before I found out I was utter crap at using bandicam.

I wrote the framerate fix.
You/everybody have explicit permission to use it on any aloha server.
I personally can’t give you permission for any other servers, but I can not imagine a situation in which it would be a problem.

It’s only for fixing framerate, so it should be fine.

What file? My friend hates it when his frame rate caps out? Unless this isn’t what you guys are talking about.

What is this ‘hInjecter’ you pathetic ‘earthlings’ speak of, BOW DOWN MY MINIONS :smiley:


That was a simple joke, so again what is “hInjecter”? Some Frames per second thing?

It’s something that gets you banned from horrible video games if you accidentally leave it running. I wouldn’t delve into it.

hInjector (and other injectors) let you load in modifications to the game. Almost everyone who uses it, uses it to load in aimbots. I wrote a modification a while ago which raises the framerate of the game significantly by disabling the “new” font system and using a faster one instead.

Oh, thanks.