Hey Anus

Welcome back!

no need to me rude hobo.

I do not welcome him back.

i would actually love to meet you jyromefedx so i could fucking break your nose.

Eh, I don’t got a problem with you, as long as you don’t go around blatantly antagonizing the rest of the aloha community.

Ahh, Reki the grammar, it hurts!

Whatchu talking 'bout, fool?

(Welcome to mah Mr. T impersonation. I just watch The A-Team, fool.)

AWWWWW YAAAAA,you would touch my face…I like it when that happens :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

keep talking keyboard warrior, you would like to see me try ? a few people have told me your a fat 17 or so nerd, so i dont think i got nothing too worry about.

You sound like the blackest white person I’ve ever met, if you are white.

Shut up anus

Interesting since no one in Aloha has ever seen or heard me.

Key Board warrior.


Yeah, I realized that myself :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not cool enough to be Mr. T. Nobody except Mr. T is cool enough to be Mr. T.

I’m not white.

I think he might still be slightly mad.

i didnt say people had meet you or seen you did i ? i said ’ people tell me ’

Anus, why are you so mad? Mad, mad mad, angry, angry, mad.

I always thought of you as white. :stuck_out_tongue: