Hi guys nice to meet you :)

Hi guys, I’m [Duck]SioN_XG
Uh… I want to be freindly to you guys :3
I was permabanned, but I’m not hack (if guys in aloha.pk tower of babel, they will know my skill XD)
Actually my habitat is aloha.pk tower of babel.
I play midnight to you guy’s time XD
Let’s enjoy AOS! thx!

You didn’t get permabanned from Aloha.pk where did you get permabanned

Head over to the ban appeals thread. If you need any help getting unbanned, PM me.

Pokefan, this is old, and he did post an appeal. It was denied.

oh :frowning: ppl never post new topics, so topics that seem brand new are actually weeks old. It’s wierd…

Just look at the date he topic/last reply was posted

I know that, I’m just not in the habit of looking at post dates :wink: