been playing a lot of csgo recently, now when i came back to this game im getting input lag and a framerate cap of ~38 (was 60 before) on classic
ive heard this might be caused by some recent windows 10 update but i cant confirm
it is unplayable and im not going to switch to openspade so hopefully someone can help
anyone else have this problem? and if so were you able to fix it

same, no idea how to fix

In windows 10, there is already a higher amount of input lag compared to windows 7. Also, you’re right that there was a windows update that decreased usage of CPUs to combat Meltdown and Spectre, but seeing that you have windows 10, it shouldn’t have affected you in a major way. The update mostly affected windows 7 and 8.

ive had this problem before meltdown and spectre and it used to run fine on win 10

I miss you :frowning:

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