Help with the script

hey guys i need help with the script im making a mod so i need help now i made the voxel model of the gun side ways cause of the size i couldnt do it vertical but since i did that whenever i hold the gun its side ways look at the screenshot

wierd kinda but ill see

and if i changed the model in voxelshop vertically this error shows

@aos-modder, anyone know the issue here?

well ferrari have a question are mods copyright i wanna steal scripts will i get sued??
not steal well i will steal but ill give credit is that copyright because iskyte’s csgo 10 skins has the voxel model sideways i just need to understand which line or which chunk of code which rotates the voxel model ingame but having a hard time understanding maths im in need of help what can i do??

it’s sideways because a while back, we discovered that that because of os’s 64 block high limitation for the models, it’s easier to to put the gun sideways, so you can have bigger moddels

I belive it’s a rotation matrix somewhere close to the gun position (I don’t really remember exactly)

[OS]Halo 3 Sniper Rifle [Ace of Spades] [Mods] you can check this mod as refference on how to use more than 1 moddel and have it sideways for bigger moddels


omg thank you dude and btw what is that image there but thank you dude your the best
really i hope this will work well i will change the scripts after some day since i worked hard for the past few days i think i need some break so ty dude

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darion i tried everything nothing happened everythings the same?? i changed the numbers but nothing happened idk why im now playing with a broken gun :thinking: heres the photo:

It is actually fairly easy to rotate your weapon once you know the basics of the script file.
You don’t need to create Euler angles just yet, those are more used for Animation purposes (even then you can use rotate matrix its just a bit wierd)

To rotate your weapon, you want to add a Rotate Matrix to your renderer. this is accomplished like so :

You simply need to add

  • CreateRotateMatrix(Vector3(0.0, 1.0, 0.0),1.5);

after your global scale matrix and your weapon should start turning. The number under the red arrow is the one you want to change. the numbers in the brackets after Vector3 are just to specify the axiss of the rotation.

thank you ill see if it works

after changing some setting i kinda got close but i see no effects on the magazine but i wanna change the rotation on the x axis how do i do that?? well the scale needs a little fix but im happy with the progress


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