[Help] Throws me out of the server for inactivity

I want to shoot a video about building a tower, for which I am observing the process in spectator mode. But I am thrown out of the game in a few minutes for inactivity.
What do i do?
I know that this is possible - I saw a video where in the accelerated process the entire construction of the tower was shot from the beginning to the end of the game.

AFAIK the time limit set for afk before being kicked is 10 minutes. I think you can do commands like /ratio to not be kicked but I’m not 100% positive.

Hello Asteroid, yes, the server kicks you for inactivity to avoid problems with the players that are AFK, if you are in the spectator you can send a message with the Y key, so that you (and other spectators) can read it, so that the server detect that you are not afk and do not get kicked.

Many thanks. )))