HELP! Server down!!!! give it a health pack!

If you dont know already the server is down… and im having W- I- T-H-D-R-A-L-S!
Symptoms: headache, sweaty, upset stomach, diarrhea… O my! (TMI)i know
Im sure issue will be resolved soon! RIGHT?

I noticed this to.

Guess I have to play some crappy flash game on armorgames. Fancy pants 3 has been released you know that?

haha well they just lost connection to the master server but they’re back up now

Man the servers are really laggy all of a sudden.

All the servers are gone now. Yesterday only babel and last team standing were up and i couldn’t even get on last team standing. It says server full when i actually get in and i have to log off. Also i saw my friend playing on last team standing and everyone lost connection every 3-5 minutes.

Servers down again >:(

yes sorry this was unexpected. i don’t have an eta at this time but it’s only temporary.

I sure hope so,without aloha servers I am developing a life…

just go on goon or something…

Yep,I have a problem running the servers too.These are my problems:

1.only r1ctf is available.
2.Too laggy.
3.Frequent Disconnection
4.Frequent Glitch.
5.System Error.

i see 4 servers up so i don’t know what you mean by #1. there’s a bug in arena that causes you to warp back when you walk through the broken gates, is that what you’re talking about for #2 and #3? you can get past those spots if you stop walking forward then continue walking again.

I think goonhaven is a good server, but everyone there votekicks me for aimbot/camper (sometimes too in Aloha). :-\

I wanted to start a video series on Aloha iRPG but the server is down :frowning:

I see that 4 servers are up now.Maybe the Quadranet is too buggy or needs a system clean up to make the aloha servers show up and remove the lags.If it doesn’t work then you should transport the main servers into another place where there is no lag.