HELP ME what are the files on the server arena and map under windows

what are the files on the server arena and map under windows ? help me

put in “/pyspades/feature_server/scripts/”
in /pyspades/feature_server/config.txt add:
“arena” to script list

maps can here by name.
Lists of maps by server can be found on the status pages: here, by clicking the “(status)” link

ok thanks maps arena ?

counter strike arena:
dedust2arena, csitaly, csoffice, de_dust, cs_assault, de_aztec, cs_militia,

minideckarena, avstorage, indiaarena, officewars, avsides, generator2, rigreloaded, ambassyarena, planeassault, penthousearena, generator, avseafort, facingworldsarena, avsmallfortress, spacestationarena, dedust2arena, submarinearena, avstoragebig, alcatrazarena, blueresort, abordage, museumarena, spiraltower, csitaly, prison, turvystairs, prisonbreak, nuketown, castlewars, abandonedstronghold, alamoarena, zealot, avrealm1f, casinoarena, townarena, avacid, sherwoodforest, chinatown, avvirtual, volcano, avorder, highrise, abandonedfactory, neotokyo, beaulieuarena, sixhouses, crossover, lostvalleyarena, phases, lostvalleyv2arena, deepspace, swamparena, avdivision, avinsides, avsandtown, avsector1, hijacked_arena, twobunkers,

Alphabetically here:
ie: ambassyarena on Page 1 - Page 1 : alpine to avsector1

and cs_assault_1337