Hello guys. Some important news about 1.0 AoS

Hello ladies and gentleman. etc .

Today, i have some important news and leaks about AoS 1.0. Firstly, there will be classes, each class will have a different advantage . The 4 classes are Soldier, the Scout, the Engineer andddd… the Miner.
The soilder will be armed with a rifle, minigun and rocket launcher.

The scout will have the much needed Sniper Rifle, a SMG and a pickaxe.

The engineer will have shovel, mines, sentrys and a shotgun.

Last but not least, the Miner will have a rifle, and a bloody awesome Driller which can destroy things like cake and make tunnels in seconds.

There will also be a Zombie hunt mode. 

For more info, visit this URL:  Ace of Spades: Minecraft Meets Team Fortress? - IGN





Awesome! Can’t wait for the new 1.0 version! ;D
And, I don’t mean to be pushy, or rude in anyway, but has Jagex (and his team) officially confirmed the price needed to pay to buy the new AoS? I’m pretty young at the moment, so I’m gonna be saving up! (Or, if it comes out near Christmas I might get lucky!)

First of all, those pictures are Photoshopped. Second, Classes. Scouts, Engineers and Soldiers. Steam.

What does this remind you of? Yeah, Jagex is turning AoS into a p2p TF2.

haha. it may looks photoshopped, but these are in-game screenshots! They’ve changed the texture of the dueces, landscape and blocks

No, they’re fake. In the first picture, look at the green’s sniper rifle. His RoF is amazingly high, you can see like 4 of his bullets aiming for a guy under 20 blocks away. Unless he has rapidhax/multiple bullets, it’s photoshopped.

His sources are IGN and RockPaPerShotgun.




Well i trust Ign, so maybe they’re just externally rendered?

The players and blocks are taken from ingame. The tracers are photoshopped and the overall brightness is increased. That’s atleast what I hear.

That sounds about right, gotta try to make it look appetising to the new players. Has anyone gone to the AoS site and saw what those noobies tweet about lol.

Aw hell! I just hope we won’t have to buy extra shit. like classes and guns. It would be a bitch and all hell would break loose.

Well from what I’ve seen so far you will only have to pay once, and thats to get the game. So sounds like there will be no paying for any extra features. What we need to hope for is that they won’t change their mind sometime in the future. -_- Jagex is known for changing their minds alot.

yep i think there won’t be any in-game purchases for buying extra features…

Hmmmmmmmmmm…Classes? Hmmm…Wait. Steam? I think…that reminds me of this really boring game…what’s the name of it again?..Oh yeah, Team Fortress 2. Ace of Spades was NEVER meant to be THIS much like TF2. Unless you can create your own class, I’m sticking with Build and Shoot. Jagex has, yet again, ruined another game.