Hello guys im kinda new to making mods can anyone help?

i wanna make some skins for now but later ill try mods too.But i cant find good instructions from guides but can someone help me ?? im good at modeling im a blender 3d modeler i did make some minecraft models but im not good with rigs yea soo i also used a voxel thing when i was intersested in that sandbox game u know a game where u make a voxel model and u dont need to code well i tried for 1 day and i gave up

well i tried linux is not good for voxel stuff i tried using goxel but it exports kvx only :frowning: i also tried slab6 and voxelshop but none of them worked i wish someone could help :frowning: but i guess no one will i didnt even get a reply or any help ill see im kinda excicted to make mods but no one is helping me :frowning: ill update if something happens