Hello from Balancer こんにちは、Balancerともうします

Hi folks,

I go by the handle Balancer, and have been playing on the Tokyo server pretty often lately. I like the epic feel of having 808 tickets to work with - really allows room for the fight to go either way!

Am looking for some people to squad up with - feels like our chances could be greatly improved with a bit of regularity and voice communication, so if anyone reads this post (I know there’s not many of us yet) and is interested, then reply to this thread. I’m based in Japan.


hey Balancer, thanks for joining and sharing your input. you’re the first!

i’ll look for you when i play on the Tokyo server.

we don’t have a voice server yet so if you know of one we can use for the time being please post the info. i prefer Mumble but Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are fine too.

Hi there, I’m Adehoru from Malaysia. Been playing on Tokyo server quite sometime. It’s good for me. Great job to aloha.pk. keep it up.

Speaking about mumble, join me in myGamers.net mumble server if you have some time. Maybe we can chat and have some fun.


hi Adehoru, thanks for your nice words!

what’s the IP and port for your Mumble server?

Here’s our myGamers.net mumble server add
Server Adress:
Server Port: 64740

It’s Malaysian Gamers mumble server. ;D