Hax!...Lag...or Skill? (A Guide)

I’ve come to love the Z-glitch, and I accept it as part of the game now. In all honesty I think I’d be a little sad to see it go.

I hate the Z-Glitch. While it’s useful, it’s basically like wallhacks.

Yeah, I could do without it. It would be nice for them to prioritize it for a bugfix.

Don’t even get me started on modifying KV6 files for longer rifles so you can see people behind walls…

Well, that’s two fixes needed.

One, they limit the boundary box for the weapon models, just like the dimensions for the player models are limited.

Two, they add some object culling, so things like guns don’t stick out of walls.

  1. Doable.
  2. Not doable (probably), due to voxel limitations.


  1. Doable.
  2. Not doable (probably), due to voxel limitations.
    I think it could be doable. Although I don’t think it’s a large issue, personally. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey neighbor! ;D Maui here. military?

Here is what they could do to stop people from using lazor sights:

Add client side weapon collision detection.

Hopefully you get what I mean.

That sounds like an invitation for clients to hack and send/withhold packets

Yep. Served in the Marine Corps previously and currently the Army. Stationed here with both services.

Are you in the Hawaiian army or the american army.

/joke (not that stupid)

Probably the American militia that’s part of the Hawaiian army.

There is no “Hawaiian army”. Hawaii is a part of the United States. Hawaii has a National Guard like every state does if that’s what you mean but no, I’m not National Guard. I’m in the regular Army.

Not trying to be rude, but what part of “/joke (not that stupid” do you not understand?


I guess I missed that part. But it never hurts to know :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t worry Jyro, it’s my thread so I don’t mind if there’s “offtopic” conversations in it.

Friendly bump for newcomers.

I don’t think I have ever met a Marine that went from the Marines to the Army.
Any chance your in Spec Forces?

For people who live in Australia are common to get a ping over 100.I usually get around 280~350ms but O still can fogsnipe.Its not that hard.