Have a holly, jolly Christmas babel rotation!

Our team of @map-connoisseurs have put together a Christmas-esque rotation for our babel server!

There’s a solid mix of snow and non-snow maps, so your eyes don’t burn :laughing:

The rotation is "yukon", "spitfire", "icecraft", "godstairs2.0", "arvendale", "DriftIce2", "holangbobal", "prauda", "1river2white", "bitofeverything", "capitol" "icetuga", "heavenhell", "aaaaaaaaaa", "trademas", "vippers_nes", "crossfire2", "alpine", "pinpoint2", "harbor2", "islandwinter"

(a few not pictured)

Have fun!

Collaborated by,
:newspaper: aloha.pk News Team
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