Has dave been ban ? :'(

Has my partner dave been ban ?

Idk, but he is at risk, I don’t know why i am even replying… Anus, You need to clean up your act, Just because you made some mistakes doesn’t mean you can clean up your act, try helping people and instead of griefing, votekick the griefers, You can be guard but you have to be a guard before you are one.

Dave was seen today by me and he is a abusive player who cusses all the time

Cussing is allowed, but not spamming.

What cussing and abusing fellow Aloha players?
That should not be allowed.

You’re on the internet. Get used to it.
Sometimes cursing is allowed, as to express anger or rage after being owned by another player.

Well he was just picking on random innocent kids and started swearing and saying stuff like:
“Go suck you dick”
“Fuck of you slut”
Im not sure these are the exact words he said but they are along the line.

I’m just going to say what I think here. First of all, Anus, you’re getting on everybody’s nerves. Second, looking through the logs I have, Dave was a very disruptive player, throwing insults and racial slurs at random people.

As you can see on aloha’s guidelines:
“-Excessive vulgarity is frowned upon”

You and Dave seem to be very similar people. You throw insults and racial slurs at random people, just trying to get on their nerves. Just some advice, you better knock it off before we permanently ban you and your friend.

If you permaban them, don’t be shocked if I sent you a few hundred dollar check.

Whoever bans them should be given the Medal of Honor! Honestly Anus should have been PermaBanned along time ago.

The person who bans them gets the Nobel Peace Prize.