Harlem Shake Ace of Spades edition by BuildAndShoot.com

Awesome! Nice work to everyone that was in it :slight_smile:

That was Awesome!! Hope it gets many views.

was a fun two hours. once we got everyone cooperating we filmed it quite quick.

one question, is shelly Shell?

That GIGANTIC green guy in the back…

That GIGANTIC blue guy in the front…

Damn, I wish I could’ve been involved… :frowning: Looked like fun!
When was this filmed, though? o.O
I wanna know how much I missed out by. xD

whoah! how can they fly?
??? and that giaant duece at the back O.o

haha epic.

Funny. Hehe

The giant green guy in the back was danhezee. I don’t remember whose idea it was to make him bob his head (either izzy or Korakoff iirc). His head was already massive when he walked over there and we thought it was funny to keep him in the back once the bass dropped.

/fly is an admin command and when it is enabled, you jump and keep pressing control to go higher. If you ever get the chance to do this, don’t go higher than the block limit. If you go too much higher, it’ll crash the game.

Yeah, that is hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Korakoff’s head was like a midget during the first part lol.

It was organised quite well and quick enough when we started to set things up, definitely didn’t feel like two hours, but it was fun, and the outcome was nice. It was an honour to be the front Deuce. o7

here are other videos of harlem shake enjoy.


what do you know i figured out how to transport videos


This is the best Harlem Shake of them all.


Wait…how did Danheezee get so big?