Happy New Year 2022 from aloha.pk staff! a little peek into our future

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and productive new year! May the year of 2022 be all that you want it to be, and make up for the past two! <3

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our growing community. It has come to my attention that we may not be the best at communicating things we might be collectively working on, so to start off the new year, I think it’s important we let you know about some “big” changes coming soon to aloha.pk, essentially a redesign and rebuild of our network’s entire infrastructure:

[ol]- We’re in the process of moving all of our game servers to more beastly hardware on a dedicated server in Los Angeles with optimized routing for gaming to every major regional hub in the world. Everything about it should be better for your playing experience. Fingers crossed! Don’t be surprised if your favorite old school server of ours suddenly returns out of nowhere! :slight_smile:

  • Our forum is about to undergo a major transformation. Everything you know about it will be replaced by different, improved technologies, but we’ve made extra effort to try to preserve some of the same feelings and layout that you’re comfortable with here on this soon-to-be “old” forum. Please give it a chance when we launch it as it’s actually nice to use, and might take a little time to familiarize. New features will continuously be added to it following launch, so if something seems amiss, there’s a chance we might already have a plan to take care of it. Special thanks to topo and Ferrari for their help getting through the extra grueling parts of this migration, and DarioN, Muffin, and Danke for helping to improve it to this point. I’m happy with the overall shape it has taken and I think you will like it too!

  • Our core backend systems are being upgraded or completely redesigned and rebuilt. Our AoS game servers, for example, are being converted to piqueserver, and setup in a way that will open more access to more developers. Our internal admin systems are being improved with future expansions in mind, including internal tools that will automate certain tasks or make it easier to administrate our services. This kind of stuff is a lot of “invisible” work, but it’s crucial to our operations, especially as we head into the future. Shoutout to Muffin and CapRex for taking these missions head-on.

  • We’re on the verge of these changes and more coming together in a synchronized fashion. When the switch starts to happen, there will be random downtimes across our entire network, and possibly up to 24 hours of zero access to anything directly hosted by us when the forum migration occurs. When all that will be is still up in the air, but weeks is probably more likely than days or months. But who knows, some of it could happen more quickly than expected![/ol]

We’re excited for you to be part of this new journey. In some ways, we’ll still be the same ol’ aloha.pk you’ve come to know over the past decade, but in other ways we’ll be operating with a new infrastructure that will be a more supportive foundation of our community’s common goals, as well as each of us individually.

Hawkan and I and others decorating in preparation for today’s countdown:











Detank was a bit late, but he was able to join our screen shot later:

Thanks to all staff who were able to attend and make this group selfie happen, and to Dark and Hawkan for recording it. I had a lot of fun. :slight_smile: There are other staff who wanted to attend but unfortunately were unable due to holidays and timezone differences. From all of us at aloha.pk, please be safe this 2022 and continue being you!


im in the pictures and video. ^w^

very cool stuff~ <333333333333 uwuuwuuwwuuuwuw

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happy new year aloha!

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happy new year everyone. Here’s to another year and decade of aloha.pk

[spoiler]party like it’s 1999[/spoiler]

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