Happy April Fool's Day, Deuces


Hey Deuces, it’s the first of April and you all know what that means, right?

Happy April Fools day! :partying_face:

As is tradition, The aloha.pk staff have put together some holiday shenanigans on our AoS babel server! Some of them include:

  • the intel fleeing from you :eyes:
  • a new smash platform battle on map end :crossed_swords:
  • holding pink block gives invincibility :shield:
  • team color wackiness :purple_square: :blue_square: :green_square: :orange_square: :red_square:
  • and more!

Collaborated by,
:newspaper: aloha.pk News Team
:zap: Got news? Message us! :point_right: @news-team

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