happy 2

aloha.pk is 2 years old today. not such a little babby anymore now, are we? :stuck_out_tongue:

we’ve grown a lot in numbers and activity since February 2011, especially over the past year. it has been an exciting ride so far and i’m looking forward to the years ahead.

big huge shout-outs to our team for making this possible and to you for being your part. all of us together is what aloha.pk is and i can’t imagine it any other way.

thank you. here’s to another year!

Yaay congratulations.

I love you all.


Congrats! I’m happy it lasted this long too!

Woo! Thanks to all of you player killers!

Happy Birthday Aloha!

Happy Anniversary Guys!

This means I’ve been around here for ~20 months, it certainly feels a lot less than that, the time sure did fly. As always, I love the vibe and in-game experience from aloha, that’s exactly why I’m here. Here’s to another year, and many to come.

(this calls for an aloha harlem shake video)

Happy Anniversary gaiz. As a still relatively new member of the community and staff I am actually quite surprised to learn that Aloha is two whole years old. Quite an achievement.

Here’s to another good year. Cheers!

Ima make a party pack to commemorate this :slight_smile:
Viva La Reskin

cool :smiley: news

Happy Birthday Aloha.pk!

God, I remember seeing the aloha servers up back when Ace of Spades barely had a website. Of course back then the server was called aloha us west. I still remember only ever going on aloha hallway and seeing people like Tank. This community has increased a ton, and I’m proud to be apart of it.

Happy 2 year anniversary and thank you aloha!

Happy birthday Aloha! :smiley:

Happy second, guys!

Nicely done everyone.

Happy Birthday Aloha! A big thanks to izzy for starting Aloha and to all the staff who continue to keep it up :slight_smile:

It’s been a long journey now that I’ve been here for almost a year. Many thanks to izzy and all the staff who made Aloha as great as it is.

I looked at the stats page, and saw I am the 7th top poster. CONGRATS TO ME!

And congrats to Aloha for allowing me a place to spread around my crap posts!