Hapa vs. Haole vs. Fob

What’s the difference between Hapa, Haole, and Fob? I know it has something to do with how much active you are and how much posts you make.

They are ranks determined by how long you have been logged on the forum.

Fob: A new user
Haole: An active user
Local: A very active user
Hapa: I think it means forum mod. Not quite sure.

total time logged in, not post count

Can someone confirm this? Because i didn’t know there was such a thing.

DUHsoAlex is a hapa.

<--------------huracles lqqk here ! :stuck_out_tongue:

nope im a hapa, im no mod. local just means you live near there…

umm yeah i am, but i dont know what it is lol :smiley:

I think I figured out what hapa is: just spend over 24 hours online.

Yep thats right. After 1 day I became hapa.

I am not a hapa and I think I have been on for 24 hours.

You have a little over 6 hours. Click on your name and on the left side, click show stats. It will tell you the time online.