Halo 4

Yeah, I play if. But it is F-ing AWESOME! You have the new loadout system, which seems to be a good improvement. I also like the new game mode dominion. Who agrees?

I do agree that Halo 4 is an amazing game and do not understand why some people keep saying that Halo 4 is a bad game only because it is not another Halo 3. However, it does have draw backs such as there are not as many vehicles as there are in Halo Reach. Despite this I believe it is true to the original Halo and playing the campaign reminds me of the good old days of Halo CE. I just hope that 343 keep it up and does not forget about Halo Wars.

Despite its controversy halo wars was an amazing strategy game and the only reason it had so much bad rep was because the FPS boneheads didn’t like having halo as a RTS.

Yes, after playing Halo 4, I believe the series is heading in a whole new direction, while this is true, they still somehow keep the core gameplay where it needs to be.

I’m excited for the story, I am of the old breed I guess. Nowadays it seems all the lil’ childrens only play the multiplayer, and ignore the true majesty of the Halo universe.

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You are right, the community has been split in two. The half that like the game because of the story and its originality. And the other half is people that only care about multilayer and don’t play the campaign, they are the people that clam that Spartan ops is not as good as fire fight only because they are not interested in any of the Halo law. I personal love Spartan ops and cannot wait for season 2 to be released.
They are also the same people that were very angry when 343 removed the scoring system from the campaign because they were just using it to farm and get a higher level on multilpayer, they are the ones to blame that the scoring was removed from campaign.

I was in love with Halo 1 and 2 as a kid. Never really enjoyed playing a campaigns in general, for I prefer to play with somebody, but it really didn’t matter to me when I played those.

Not too long ago, maybe 5 months or so ago, I attempted to play Halo 3. For some reason I had a really hard time enjoying it. Chances are it’s because I’m no more of a Halo kind o’ guy, but more of a CoD Kitty.

From what I’ve seen Halo 4 looks really good, although I can’t speak for the single player. Games are going to change, whether or not the people like it. It’s best to adjust and enjoy what’s there.

It is true that the state of games is changing and more and more games are focusing on the online , however developers should not abandon the single player because there are still people that do like playing solo games because they do not have to pay for Xbox live and avoid the hassle of playing with very annoying people. Some games should just abandon the campaign because not enough time is spent creating one and other games, like Halo should have a campaign because of the size of the universe, how well it is done and the fact that they link it in to the online.

I’m not saying online multiplayer is a bad thing, but to many games are forsaking their storylines and turning to multiplayer, which in my opinion is a bad thing.

multiplayer was originally just an additional feature to a game, but these days it seems as if that’s the only thing people go for.

HeHe, the more people go for online gaming the more expensive it will be for them.

Many developers are going to the P2P genre which is extremely profitable for them, because so many players are addicted to multiplayer.

I’m rambling, I’ll stop now ;D

The best way to stop this is for developers to spend as much time on single player as they do multiplayer, if possible do what some games like halo have done and link the two together so that you get some form of benefit of playing the single player. Then, with the increase of people taking interest in there single player they may decide to spend more time and money on a good single player campaign. However some games are better off only having one and not the other.

true, true