Hallway server maps [POLL] - please vote

I thought some of you guys (admins,moderators and such on aloha.pk) might like the idea of using some different variants of the hallway map on the hallway server. I know that the server is full and you would probably not like to see it get empty, but changing the map after every 3-4 games could be great. Admins would be happy because the wouldn’t get sick of spectating/playing on the same old map and the players would be challenged to change their tactic. Inspiration for this post was born when I saw this thread: [Map]Roughway - Build and Shoot
This is just one of many maps that some talented map maker could make. There could be hallway with two big halls or a hallway map with the upper part full of houses.(don’t judge these map suggestions too hard I’m not that creative.) I think it’s worth trying at least. Give it a test week or so after you find or make 3-4 different hallway maps. If any of you find this subject interesting please feel free to share your opinions or suggestions.

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The modificated hallways seems to me like a good idea.

Would you mind creating a thread with a Poll?

I think it would be hard to find and kill people in the map shown in the video. There are too many grooves that people could use as routes/hiding… Looks good, just wrong concept. Although, I do like your idea of having the houses spanning the hallway.

I like the hallwaycastles map. Hallway Castles! - Build and Shoot

That would be a great map. Since a fortress is already built at the spawn point, it would kind of be a mixture of infiltration and ctf. Putting a roof on those walls would be easy, and would eliminate the problem of most hallway maps…spawnkilling

I posted the link up in the thread and I’ll post it here to save you from scrolling :slight_smile:


Erm I meant create new thread with the poll option, but this works as well!

Damn, that’s a really nice map! I can vouch for it!

I love the fact that this thread died in one day. 11 people voted… just sad…

That’s the case with most threads…besides most comments wins and continue the story xD

I’ll just post this here: http://i.imgur.com/0flB4fl.png

Hey Kick… Wed 29 2014

Bullshit. Mother fucker… I fucking hate you…

I don’t even
Also having more hallway maps would be nice, yeah
the people that voted no should explain their reasoning

So far the vote is in the positive I say give it a go


I agree.

Yes please :3

Yes, more hallway variations would be great!


I’m not giving this up yet. Heres one more Hallway modification that was made on bns.

I think people want something new. You can usually see new players say: When will the map change? I completely agree with them. Same goes for all the other servers. There should be some new maps. If you play often you can get fed up with all those maps. I know the community is not as active as it used to be, but I’m sure some of you know good maps from the old forums or even some good maps fom the bns we have today.

btw. 91% out of 32 votes are interested in this.