Hallway Re-vamp

Hey, I like hallway and I also like the aloha community and servers, but the aloha Hallway server is, at the moment pretty bad and inactive. So I’ve been thinking of some improvements.

Add Squads – Squads can be a little op at time so maybe cap squad limit to 2 or 3 just so you can team up with someone instead of dying and constantly have to travel through the same boring terrain over and over. After all, Hallway is a killing map.

Airstrikes / Refill – Once you get to a set amount of kills ( i suggest 10 to 15 ) you get an airstrike and refill. Or just a refill. Either way I think that refills are a must. Airstrikes are a little useless on Hallway but that plugin im pretty sure gives you that refill. Might be another plugin though, dont know.

TDM – Hallway as I’ve said before is a killing map and not a CTF map in my opinion. So I think it would be better if it was TDM. If you dont agree with me then we can also split it both ways. We could have the game set to TDM but the intel just counts as extra points for your team. Intel could also be located in the centre of the map but its up to you.

So yeah, just putting my idea out there. I think this would massively boost the popularity of Aloha Hallway.

thx, Shadex :smiley:


Gross suggestions. You basically giving suggestions to give yourself as many kills as possible in the most utilitarian way possible which is probably one of the most boring ideas for a game mode I’ve imagined playing.

Squads would still be op and you don’t have to travel through the same path everytime you respawn. Mix it up a little, be imaginative. In any case, if you find the terrain boring, the solution is new maps, not squads, which would only keep you in the same boring position your squadmate happens to be in.

Just no to airstrikes. There’s not really much else to be said about that. And all you have to do to refill is die or run back to the tent, which isn’t really that hard/far.

I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of TDM hallway. Though, not too many folks really seem to enjoy hallway that much anyway, so you’d just end up splitting the player count.

shhhh let hallway die

classic CTF hallway is one of the most popular maps in AOS. Look at players number at Polski hallway, MCG gaming hallway and others. And compare to player number at rCTF Aloha hallway.
I think, that the best way is to return “classic” CTF hallway (instead of reversed rCTF)and it will become popular again. :slight_smile:

I think should make 2 servers, RCTF and CTF classic, and people go wherever

PD: i like RCTF hallway

imo classic hallway just seems too easy.

imo the tents should randomly move over the map after each intel cap but players still spawn in the same spawn areas.

How about territory control where they are all in a straight line down the hall? Or how about a Push system where the enemy Intel spawns at your base and your tent spawns at the very end of the hallway?