Hallway Needs Improvement

Over the past 3 years I have been playing AOS,I always wanted to see someone make it so blocks cannot be placed or destroyed on Hallway.The point of the map is to have a gun fight within the middle.Being able to borrow through the walls like a groundhog defeats the purpose of the whole map.This is just a little suggestion I had as a old AOS Veteran :slight_smile:

Just one question I have (please don’t take offence) but how do you know what the purpose of the map is? Were you the one who spent hours constructing it? In fact, do you know who spent the hours constructing it?

If I sounded mean sorry.

HW is supposed to be ever changing. Its supposed to be like pp, but with differences.

You will get bored ridiculously fast if you are crammed with cockblocking teammates that block your shot and enemies crouch spamming+jumping the shit out of you in a narrow passage.

Someone should make arena hallway.

That’d be a bloodbath…

In a way I agree with you, I would honestly made the sides a bit thinner. It is way to easy to get to the enemy base.

actually originally hallway was designed to “force” action between the walls but back then there wasn’t a way to control block construction and destruction, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because that freedom opened the doors to much more interesting gameplay in my opinion.

Yeah, I guess if everyone went through the middle it would be repetitive and would be almost impossible in a full server to capture the Intel. Like I said before maybe if the top of the hallway was thinner it would make the server more interesting by making it harder to cap/make it to the enemies base, Because right now you can get through hallways everywhere

My other suggestion is making the middle that splits the hallway could be thicker. This will make getting to the base a easier job through the middle.

how about this for the next hallway:

imagine taking all those top blocks off the top

       |           |     |        |

Water Hallway Water
| | | |___
now if the middile lines where extended that would leave a big-ish open area to make it more of a mad dash and less of a, ok no ones here and leisure walk to tent. oh and the top bottom that i didn’t do would be normel…

When i play on hallway the thing i hear the most is about the time limit being too long. When /time hits zero the map is usually half gone or covvered in block/art

I have also experienced this, I would hop on the map a couple of days after it was reset and instead of a hallway it would just be a giant gaping hole.