[Half-Life] Compilation mode

Hello everyone,

I come to share a dist(server) whose functionality is resemble the game “half-life” with the map “crossfire”.

I took the game mode ffa, it’s an all against all.

Things implemented:

  • Elevators that activate automatically.
  • Buttons that restore life and ammunition (currently 3 on the map).
  • Airstrike that affects both enemies and your own team.
  • Player top score.


They are placed in the same place as in the original map “crossfire”.


They are placed in the same place where the medkits are in the original game.


You need 5 kills to use, you can configure it to your liking.

-Player top

The server is placed in a limit of 50 kills, the kills limit is divided by 5 so that in a certain amount of kills the server sends a message naming the top player.

As the server is set at 50 kills the figure would be 50/5 = 10

The player who gets10 kills will be named as the top player and so on.

Message to be displayed (in my case)

Now top score: MegaStar (10 kills)! (50 kills limit deathmatch)

Suppose you now set it to a limit of 20 kills:

20/5 = 4

The player who gets 4 kills will be named as the top player … (that’s the dynamics)

In the case that a player is in the top 1, to pass to the top1 you must exceed the current score.

When you get to die a message will appeare (only for the one who died) saying name the player that is in the top1 and the player that is in the top2 and your current score.

Video where you can see a small demonstration:

link of the dist:




Nice work my son.

Oh man, I really wish you could close the bunker like in the original game…

(video for anyone who is not familiar with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNr3Cz6Dth4)

Good Job Mega :3 :wink: