Hackers playing undetected?

Is it possible players can continue to play on aloha servers with hacks on?
Player named ‘DU FUCKS’ was 143:30+ on face-off, 99.9% headshots i recon it was and he was running around blue spawn area.
probably other players (some “trusted”) playing on the server iver notices are particularly good. I dont believe anyone can be that good on this game as the hit boxes, lag and other factors make it unreliable even with a good skill level.

Bans can be evaded using proxy, since all of the bans are IP ones.
So seeing hackers playing undetected is nothing outstanding.

Sucks for the game/servers when hackers out number the admins 20/1. Also seems bans are temporary?! Hackers should be perm banned from the servers.

All hacking bans from admins are permanent, guards and mods can only temporarily ban but showing proof to admins gets them bumped up to permanent
Server scripts detect certain activities and also take action, but they only ever kick for nospread and rapid
Any bans that may seem temporary are probably just people evading bans

A familiar hacker returned today, are you sure bans are permanent? His name is ‘Surivor’ i think.
Sent multiple /admin messages about hackers and griefers today the game is getting worse lol
Is it even still being developed?

the game hasn’t been developed for like 5 years

banned players can evade our bans, permanent or temporal