chpE use aimbot.

He kill enemy only by headshot.

See his kill report 5/7 PM 10 - 11 h

kill all enemy by headshot.


All Headshots? Yes.
How many? 120.
How fast? 96 seconds.


Sorry MCnice but that doesn’t prove anything, it doesn’t matter how many headshots he gets, 25, 50, or even 200 consecutive headshots (though unlikely still humanly possible). Constantly flooding the killfeed does not equal aimbot, automatically snapping to targets does.

If you think someone is hacking, please notify admins by using the /admin command or better yet record a video and post it here. Remember “don’t expect justice without evidence to back your claims”.

The thing is, although most of my KILLS are headshots, I often miss a shot or two, and thus my accuracy stays at around 40%.
If you want to, you can download pubovl by clicking here. Pubovl is a tool that lets you spectate people in FIRST PERSON and, with recording software and a YouTube account, you can report cheaters and help make the community better.
Although I need to get to sleep now, I’m sure someone on the IRC will be happy to help you on how to use pubovl.
Enjoy your day!

Reporting with no video proof does nothing,
Showing a video of you killing afks very fast proves nothing,
Nope has already said what needed to be said to MCnice, but chpE, if you think you’re playing too good or someone -not dumb- is calling you hacker then record for awhile aswell.