Hacker Crusaders

Anyone want to join my personal crusade versus hackers? Popcorn and cookies provided.
So is pubovl

Refer to that topic to get it and how to use it

Its much easier to understand since i din’t write it inbetween classes

Cartridge box one ,pants one, hat one, short one( wait short?) yea its the thing your wearing also known as a shirt, anon name selector one, rifle one, hacker catching dll one, post your name sign the page

The Admins (big fish)
Scipio -The lone one
Other players who go out of their way to catch hackers.
CaptainKiwi- Hacker smeller

You hack i will personally ba… Wait imm not an admin dang nabit

You hack ill have drebble ban you :slight_smile: free cookies for you man


Cool, why was it named pubovl?

Pubovl is the public version of topo’s topoovl. Pub stands for public

Also, in addition to X toggling ESP, you can use Z to toggle names, and C to toggle whether or not you see when the person right click zooms.

Finally, please remember to use /ping name (or #) on someone fairly often. This way things like No Recoil can’t be explained away with lag.

Added, plus this is halfway between a funny topic and a serious one. I am on a personal crusade vs hackers.

I approve of this, we’ll take the help you offer.

Just some advice: You’re a player! Dude have fun. If there is a hacker let the admins take care of it, if none are visibly present then use the admin command or IRC. You don’t need to jump right into spectator and start recording.

To late :slight_smile: I still do just jump in and play

Implicitly, all players on aloha collaborate, but I guess it’s nice to give people a small tool to use.

add me as hacker smeller please:)

You may have underestimated “small” in its effectiveness

Not anymore :stuck_out_tongue: thats our job [sub category my job]

CS maps, where a new hacker comes every 10 minutes.

Yep, imm starting to create place holder topics