[GUIDE] Votekicking

I have some tips for those who are votekicking and accusing players for aimbotting/griefing.
Before starting a votekick, please follow these steps.

(Originally posted by Tobi9sc, input/formatting by Reki.)

How to Votekick:
Votekicking command: type directly into the chat.

/votekick [Player] [Reason]
  • Replace [Player] with either his ID number (explained below) or a fragment of his name. Keep it to 1 word, no spaces.
  • Replace [Reason] can be any number of words, and is your reason for the votekick. All votekicks must have a reason.

Player ID # for votekicks (especially those who have no name):

  1. Press “TAB”, and you will see a list of players’ names, their ID #, and their score.
  • For example: You might see “Bobby King #26 15” as one of the lines. “Bobby King” is his name. #26 is is ID. 15 is his score.
  • Players with no name will show up as a blank space with an ID number in an empty row.
  1. Name method: The name does not need to be his complete in-game name. However, it MUST only be one word.
  • Syntax: /votekick [Playername] [Reason]
  • Correct Example: /votekick Bobb Griefing blue tower
  • Wrong Example: Bobby King Griefing blue tower
  • However, names can sometimes be ambiguous. Say we have our “Bobby King” already playing nicely, but the someone named “bobby” joins and starts griefing. If you type either of the “correct” formats above, you might accidentally votekick the wrong guy! Thus, we prefer to use…
  1. ID method: Use the player’s ID number. You MUST include the # sign.
  • Syntax: /votekick [#ID] [Reason]
  • Correct Example: /votekick #26 Griefing blue tower.
  • Wrong Example: /votekick 26 Griefing blue tower.

Griefers: If you think you’re onto a griefer, but aren’t too sure, this provides some backup verification.

  1. Check players’ griefing history.
  • Syntax: /gc [Player] [Duration]
  • Replace [Duration] with a number, specifying the number of minutes of griefing history you wish to view. You can leave this out, which defaults the check to 2 minutes.
  • Read the message. If he/she has removed 30+ blocks, from other players, you can be pretty sure that he’s griefing, so votekick the player.

Aimbots: If you’re very sure that someone’s an aimbot, do the following steps.

  1. Try and reach an admin: admins can deal with aimbots with a permanent ban as opposed to a flimsy 30-minute-votekick.
  • Use the /admin command to shoot a message. Admins might not be around to respond.
    [li]Syntax: /admin [Message].
  • Example: /admin Bobby King (#26) is aimbotting on hallway.[/li]
  • Get on the #aloha IRC and find one of the ops/voiced people. Type our names exactly and we’ll probably respond.
  1. Accuracy Check.
  • Syntax: /accuracy [Player]
  • Example: /accuracy #26
  • Aimbots often shoot multiple bullets at once, making this go way above 100%. Not good enough as evidence by itself.
  • If [Player] is unspecified, it checks your own accuracy. See if you can be more accurate with your shots!
  1. Kill-Death Ratio Check.
  • Syntax: /ratio [Player].
  • Example: /ratio Bobby
  • Needless to say, aimbots often have a high KDR. Not evidence, but it just piles on to the suspicion.
  • If [Player] is unspecified, it checks your own KDR. See if you can improve on your ratio!

Cancelling Votekicks:
We’re human. We all make mistakes:

  • Maybe that guy you thought was griefing was just fixing his fort.
  • Maybe the aimbot was just a super-pro player.

In any case, you can cancel a votekick that you have started.

  • Syntax: /cancel
  • Example…wait, come on, do we really need one? It’s one word, and only works if a votekick you initiated is currently in progress.
  • Pay attention to the chat after you start a votekick. Sometimes, the guy you’re kicking, or maybe even other players will notify you that the votekick was wrong.
  • Cancel the votekick if you realize you made a mistake. Remember: that votekick could be against you, and you’d want someone to cancel an unfair votekick.

Very nice! However I fear that people won’t read it, the ratio of people who play AND are on the forums is low, You also didn’t cover false votekicks, which is a big thing, well atleast I think so haven’t played in a long time. Very nice overall, I like it!

I had an accuracy of 100% that lasted for a while…Around 13 to 18 kills and without dying which makes my ratio a 18.00. That doesn’t mean I’m hacking though. You cannot be extremely certain just by stats. Try experimenting by hiding somewhere behind the wall, hidden from view etc.

Nice. This will hopefully help the votekick spammers :wink: Also, if someone has an accuracy of 90-100% that doesn’t tell you for sure if they’re hacking. If it’s over 100, that tells you they hack.

Nope. I’ve kept an accuracy of 132 for over 3 rounds with SMG. The only way to know for sure someone is hacking is to watch them. Those just help,

I've also had over 100% accuracy, 150% on a rifle.

i believe i showed a picture before of me with 112% smg, and a 140% on shotty, with a ratio of 10.00, this won’t always work, but its still a good guide!

definitely not true.

the accuracy script is not 100% accurate! don’t always rely on it!

a high ratio doesn’t necessarily mean someone is cheating either. good legit players get high ratios, too.

/griefcheck is also /gc

Buuut Im guessing over 500%+ of accuracy is definately hacking.

Maybe izzy is true cause one guy told me about it, he said that you can get 50% accuracy for having instant headshot for Rifle. (if you are not lagging)

Some of them are in 350%+.But, Thanks for feedback guys! I updated it!

But you have to be abit aware of people who have shottys becuase the shotty is the gun that you can get the highest accuracy for close range, because once O had a shotty on arena,Avstorage and I killed 3people with one burst of fire of shotty.

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Very nice now very nice reki and tobi9sc!

high accuracy is not necessarily hacking just to clear things up. i was moderating TOW a while ago got an aimbot flag saying a guy had 1064% accuracy. i’m 100% sure he wasn’t aimbotting as his ratio was only 0.81 and he had died like 20 times. so no, high accuracy is not always a definite aimbot. TBQH i only check accuracy to check whether my aimbot suspicions are reasonable or not. only evidence i actually use is from 075spectate, from normal spectating checking for snaps, and from people admitting to aimbotting in the chat.

rail against using /accuracy to see if someone was aimbotting
personally uses /ratio to see if someone was aimbotting