[GUIDE] Pubovl

Pubovl Guide

What is Pubovl?

Pubovl is a tool designed to spectate another player’s point of view in order to see if they are using hacks or not. This tool can only be used while you’re on the spectator team. Pubovl has many useful features that help in identifying whether someone has Aimbot, Esp, No Recoil, or more. Normal spectating would make it hard to determine whether someone is hacking, since you can’t see where they aim, how much recoil they have, or exactly where/who they’re looking at. If you want to report cheaters, kindly use Pubovl and record what you see, so the admins may be able to determine if the player hacks.

How do I get Pubovl?

Download links:
Also, make sure you have c++ package installed.

How do I use Pubovl?

X: To turn on/off ESP.
Z: To show names of the players when ESP is on.
C: To turn the player’s scope on/off.
Arrow Keys: To switch which player you’re spectating.

How do I identify a hacker?
Here are some examples of what to look for when spectating a possible hacker:


Players with Aimbot will snap their crosshairs directly to an enemy head:


Players with ESP have the ability to see the other team through walls:

No Recoil

Players with No Recoil have the ability to shoot bullets and not have their aim shoot up afterwards:

[details=Multibullets] Players with Multibullets have the ability to kill a player with a single shot since their bullets do 8 times more damage than normal:

the appropriate command to detect a player using multibullets is /an this command will allow you to see the data when a player shoots(hit) another player, it is usually 1 message per hit but if a player is using multibullets there will be 8 messages in only 1 hit and if all messages are at 0 ms it is 100% sure that the player is using multibullets.

[details=No Water Slowdown] Players with No Water Slowdown has the ability to run and walk faster than normal in the water:

you can detect it using the map or if you see the player appearing several times in the front.[/details]

[details=No Spread] Players with No Spread have the ability to make their bullets go to one direction and is mainly used in the shotgun:


[details=Turbospade] Players with Turbospade have the ability to destroy blocks faster than normal:


[details= Superjump] Players with Superjump have the ability to jump higher than normal:

When recording someone with Pubovl, try to use the commands /an , /accuracy , /ratio , and /pw as much as possible. Also, try to have your connection graph displayed by pressing f11. The commands and graph can help with solidifying the evidence against the player.

How do I record?
Try these screen recording programs!

After recording, kindly upload and report them by creating a new thread in the abuse reports section.

Thumbs up to Flerikko for creating the base of this thread!

Please comment below if you run into any problems or have any questions!







No spread on smg can be found out my looking on tracer bullets in minimap, if the smg bullets is a perfect straight line.(best effect seen with no recoil)

Person jumping onto 4 block high walls is guaranteed using superjump

Edit: Tracers are clientside, so a hacker with no-spread won’t look any different on the minimap. -Ferrari

Edit: Thanks, when I’ll get home I’ll be adding multibullet detection in this post :slight_smile:

Nice tutorial! Hoping to see more and more people busting hackers. :slight_smile:

Great and helpful, but it looks like Pubovl doesn’t work for me.
Oh well, glad that there would be more people catching hackers in the future.

What aspect of it doesn’t work for you?

It doesn’t seem to open.
Installed it normally, installed that C++ package, but still, doesn’t work.

You get the Successfully Injected message?

You’re using hInjector right? Try moving that to a higher level directory like C: drive and try running as admin. Where’s your client.exe located?

Did everything you listed. AoS directory is in the C: drive.

Here’s some more ideas:

  • Clearing your .dll list and re-adding pubolv (You might have moved it somewhere else and it’s injecting nothing
  • Mess around with Auto-Injector
  • Set client.exe to run as admin ??? Never seemed to be a problem with anyone else though
  • Turn your computer off and on again
  • Downloading 64 bit C++ package (32bit is installed in a different directory than 64bit .dll files. Might be an access issue ??? This one is just a shot in the dark)

Did all of those, but nope.

So let’s just get everything straight before we try something else.

You’ve followed the directions in the tutorial video?
Made sure Auto-Inject was on?
Made sure you tabbed out and then selected Client.exe?
Does it say “Successfully Injected!”?
Do you have the red text in the upper right corner ingame?

  1. Yes.
  2. Yup.
  3. Affirmative.
  4. I’m afraid so.
  5. Nope.

if you have an antivirus running, temporarily disable it and see if that helps
if not, try manually injecting with winject
where is the dll located on your computer? if you have any special characters in the path try moving it somewhere else

Try to remove pubovl.dll from hinjector,
change the file address of pubovl.dll (move to another folder),
done that, add pubovl.dll

I did it and it worked since then

I did that too and it works.

He said he already did that though. Guessing his new options are doing antivirus management like topo said or downloading a new computer // pubolv :frowning:

None of listed above works.
Even disabled my antivirus, but nope.

Do you have the C++ package?


I also have the same problem but I’m not with the files in C: I prefer to use open spades with the viewer mod