[GUIDE] Converting a 3d file to KVX

quick note: It’s probably better to avoid this and use 3ds2vxl if you have access to 3dsmax or something that exports .3ds files with bitmaps, it’ll handle UV’s and texturing better than this will.

Here’s the map files I’m going to convert, but feel free to use whatever 3d model you want, noesis has pretty broad support:

The main thing I’ll be using is Noesis v44191:

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Open Noesis and navigate to the .obj and do File → Export

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Choose Main output type → .md2 Quake II MD2
Check “Flip UVs”
Click Export

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Click another folder and go back to the folder to refresh the page. Choose the filename.md2 file this time - it should look a little worse
Do File → Export

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Choose main output type → .obj - Wavefront OBJ (do not flip UVs this time!)
in advanced options put -objmtl
click export

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Back in Noesis, select skinpage.pcx
File → Export

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Choose main output type → .png - PNG image

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Open PNG file in an image editor (paint, paintdotnet, photoshop, etc)
Flip image vertically and save
*** You can try resizing the image here to adjust how detailed the texture looks in the kvx

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Go to https://drububu.com/miscellaneous/voxelizer/?out=kvx
import the new OBJ (probably something like trainoutout.obj)
select PNG file when prompted (if you aren’t prompted for a texture, try flipping UVs when exporting the OBJ)

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adjust big slider for scale and export as kvx

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in voxed or goxel, import kvx (press U in voxed)

Voxelizer requires an OBJ file with one single texture in PNG or JPG format. This process:

  • converts the OBJ into md2 which only supports one texture file (skinpage.pcx)
  • converts back into OBJ from that with MTL support (a file that points to skinpage.pcx)
  • converts skinpage.pcx to PNG
  • Flips skinpage.png vertically (to compensate for UVs not flipping on the OBJ - voxelizer won’t ask for texture if they’re not flipped)
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Minor update:
I was misremembering, 3ds2vxl doesn’t really work for AoS it seems. POLY2VOX is what I meant:

What I’d suggest instead:
open the map in Noesis ** note: the 3d model should have all the texture files in the same directory.
Export as FBX
Use this site to convert FBX to 3DS
FBX to 3DS: online FBX to 3DS converter for free
Put the 3ds and all textures in the same folder with poly2vox
Might be worth it to open the 3ds in Noesis (it can import 3ds, but not export), just to make sure the textures are loading properly
Open the command prompt and navigate to poly2vox (google how to use command prompt if you don’t know)
type the desired command:
poly2vox input.3ds output.kvx /s1.0
poly2vox input.3ds output.kvx /v128
(replacing input.3ds with the 3ds model’s filename)
/s1.0 means 1.0x scale, adjust accordingly
/v128 means the longest dimension will be 128 blocks long, adjust accordingly

poly2vox should read the textures (better than the above post does) and export a vxl.