Aloha everyone.

In the early morning of April 30th on Tower of Babel the guard “A virus” banned me from killing anyone. When I asked him why, he banned me from speaking.

I told him if he did it again I’d post here about his abuse, and he responded that he was friends with Satou so it wouldn’t matter. I know from other admin and guard behavior that this doesn’t represent the proper conduct of an Aloha guard so I thought everyone here would appreciate me reporting the bad apple.

this guy, this guy he is a instagator and harrassor of all. I had trouble with him talking /swearing in brazilian to multiple people including me the other day. he doesnt realize how close i was to banning him for the harrassment. I had to mute him as well and after awile he toggledodged it. He did straighten up for awile after he realized what was gonna happen so i dont belive anything that comes from him , maybe half-truths

I don’t speak Brazilian so if you were typing to me in it I wouldn’t have had a clue what you were saying. I don’t recall you muting me, nor do I even know what a “toggledodge” is. I sincerely apologize if I somehow offended you.

well well well, i disabled everyone because it was a accident i type togglekill without typing a name.

For over 5 minutes, I had locked down the building of blue’s tower with my sniping. Then I found I could no longer kill anyone, I was killed, my gunner’s nest was overrun and griefed, and then I was muted for asking why. The other team seemed able to kill me just fine.

Also I don’t understand why you’re bringing up your supposed age or gender. Do either of those prevent you from following the rules that apply to guards?

well tell ya what? i was drunk the night before, o i was a bit miserable the next morning, ok?

well thats not being very smart

no need for some extra oil on the fire Buckethead.(btw that toggledodged part was fake)

it all the stress for my year twelve stress

SorrY PENIS i guess theres another PENIS with the same name. Funny and ironic your flag by your name says your from brazil

Besid the fact a 17 year old female playing AOS, why do you drink and admit it.

we got a party at house, acidently drank tooo much

You shouldnt be drinking at all in theory and not supposed to tell it on the Internet.

telling the truth is better than telling lies

hi again penis thanks for posting. you’re right, what you describe doesn’t represent our proper conduct. however i do believe the mass disabling of kill and build was a mistake:

2012-04-30 01:21:13-0700 [-] /togglekill 2012-04-30 01:21:20-0700 [-] /togglekill 2012-04-30 01:21:22-0700 [-] whoops

the logs don’t show you or anyone else being singled out - there were more than one mass disablings though. maybe the mass disabling was undone right after you stopped shooting and before the enemy started shooting?

i do see that you were muted unnecessarily though, but then unmuted almost immediately after. A Virus, please reread the “admin etiquette.” for the most part swearing is fine and almost always the /mute command isn’t necessary. what we should be on the lookout for is cheating, excessive griefing, excessive spamming, and the overall spreading of extreme hatred.

knowing people, gender, being drunk, etc. are not immunities. admin rights are privileges with responsibilities. abusing those rights is not ok and anyone found to be doing so will not be excused.

MoJo, you’re talking about Penis, not A Virus, right?

also penis, why did you have to change your flag to Brazil? ;D you’re just adding to the confusion and it’s not exactly helping your approval rating lol.

So why do you get blamed by so many people for abusing your power?

Funny thing A Virus, I made that EXACT SAME mistake when I first started out :stuck_out_tongue:

i only got blamed by one

Yes, my apologies to Penis. there is another Penis out in the rooms as well from brazil whom is a troublemaker. I made the mistake and assumed, (when i saw the flag with the name) it was the same one. One is upper-cased the other is lower-cased P i believe

At least you never banned the internet.