Guaging interest: Project Reality bf2 event

The purpose of this thread is to see how many players would be interested in a PR (project reality) event. If there was ever a game aloha should branch out to it would be this one. Whether it’s player vs player or player vs bot the game is extremely fun and outrageously addicting.

What is PR? Where do I download it?

How does it work?

Why should you play it? You should at least try PR because it doesn’t require a lot of resources for how detailed it is and it’s FREE.

a good game

Amen to that

I support this.


Of course.

We have 8 people interested. That’s an entire squad. We can do this. :3

this community is filled with people with potato pc’s such as myself, although mine is a high end superpowered potato compared to most of the communities micropotatos - this game doesn’t run on potatoes as far as I know
I don’t think you’re gonna get more than one squad, but good luck, have fun, and thanks for introducing my to bluedrake42. the gameplay videos of project reality are the most fun videos i’ve seen in months.

this game can run on your grand-ma’s rig no problem. my PC is complete crap and can still run this game with a solid 60 FPs with all the graphics maxed out

We should still do this.

Indeed we should.

Will it be on youtube?Because apparently my version of PR is stuck at 1.3.9.

Someone might want to record it. Pun has recorded us playing PR before. At the very least I’m hoping we can form up a squad and blow up together a lot.

Where can i see the video?

Look in this forum.

It’s literally on the exact same page as this topic.