GTA V Possible Crew Maybe?

So, throwing this out there, I’m a big big GTA fan so naturally I bought it for PC. I was thinking of setting up a crew maybe Aloha centric or AoS centric, no real idea as yet. I have a crew with friends for shits n gigs but I wanted to have more people to play with on PC and to derp around in Online mode with so we can fuck shit up.

I guess requirements include the following:

  1. VOIP (preferably mumble, but can do Skype if we must) capability, if we were to do a crew heist VOIP is a must. Plus it’s real fun to just hear other people experiencing the game.
  2. Make sure your parents are totally cool with you owning and playing GTA V especially with others. I swear a fuck ton and it might not wash especially mixed with the violent nature of GTA. If you intend to purchase to just participate, don’t go using their credit cards without them knowing or some shit, k?

So thoughts? If more than 6 people want in, I’ll go about making a secondary crew for myself and invite all who wish to chill and hang out.

If you buy it for me, i will join u xD
“Aloha” crew is better (if its not already in use)

Please, someone bought it for me for my birthday.

I was thinking of that to be fair, but the Crew tag is 4 and Aloha is 5 letters and AoS is too short. So if we used Aloha I suppose our tag could be IZZY.

Think about it, you know it makes sense.

Did this ever become a thing? Gonna get GTA V in a few weeks for PC and I don’t really have friends… ;_; who play it lol i’m not that bad at socializing

I’m down if you are still derping around with this. I have Caprex as a friend, Thufman too, tho i don’t know if i should classify him as that.

Find me by adrianhb101 (steam)

I’m building myself a new computer, and I’ll most likely buy GTA V, you already have my steam, I’ll let you know when I get it.

I’ll be interested when I start getting income

Buy me the game and I’ll join. :stuck_out_tongue:

can you do or a-pk?

I’m down for this.

Just a slight video of me messing around a bit