[griefer] Cocain burying the Intel

I caught Cocain burying the Intel.

On the screenshot, this is the second massive hole Cocain digged below the Intel, when I descended to fill it again with blocks, was here “building a base” and saying it would stop burying the Intel. But apparently not since he destroyed my blocks anyway.
Earlier in game, surviving a votekick with the same motive.

Buried Intel is super annoying for building since you have to type /kill and that may be slower, and not everyone know this.

is that what you call “burying the intel” now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Digging under the intel so that builders can’t refill.

isn’t that a command post though?

Er… yeah, I meant command post. :-[

“tent” is shorter, but it really doesn’t matter.

on topic:
I /tb’d Cocain today for blocking enemy tower. I 'll keep an eye out for him