Gregtech Server Progress

A thread everyone in the group to relay any information on the server’s current progress.

If you’re a staff and not on the server and are interested in joining, tell me in this thread. Try to keep this one clean for people to communicate.

This thread is made public mostly for publicity reasons ~~


So I’ve set up the Steam Macerator to run automatically. It shouldn’t require additional inputs, but check the coal boiler to see if it’s got fuel in it. Water shouldn’t be an issue, that’s automated. The output is the double chest below the transvector interface close by. Input is above; that shouldn’t run out for a while.

Stock the bronze blast furnace. 4 charcoal: 1 iron ingot needed. This is not automated; you must manually insert iron and charcoal into the machine and take out the steel and dust piles and put them in the chest nearby. Charcoal is found in the barrels on the wall to opposite side of the house, behind the stairs.

In-between the blast furnace and the barrels, behind the wall of furnaces, is a new set-up. The transvector interface is linked to a quadruple-arcane-bellow furnace (thanks Scipio). Insert fuel/inputs via two chests above, output is iron chest below. Please manually condense the iron nuggets into ingots as necessary. Requisiton a barrel to store iron ingots as necessary.

I still haven’t set up the tree farm because there was an army of spiders stalking me under the house and I was too lazy to deal with them. Also, I spoke with Will and he seemed to have a back-of-the-napkin set up for converting tree farm charcoal into EU power; I’m waiting on this as well. I unfortunately have all the supplies in my inventory, so any action on this will have to wait.

If we run out of charcoal, we should have enough excess wood in the barrels to convert into charcoal for this not to be a problem.

More details on the tree farm setup:
This requires 8 stirling generators, 2 alloy smelters, 1 farming station, 3 crafters, and some item and energy conduits. If everything has octadic capacitors this produces approximately 1 charcoal per second, which is exactly the consumption rate of a GT large boiler. Octadic capacitors require ender pearls so we’ll just have to use double layer capacitors early and get about half the charcoal production rate. This should still allow us to produce on the order of 100 EU/t. On the GT side, we’ll make a large bronze boiler and some steam turbines. We’ll use pressure pipes to transfer water and steam, since the mod allows literally unlimited fluid input/output, and also has an infinite water source block. Everything can be built without GT machines, so we might not even need any sort of temporary power system to set this up.

Just a few updates I died and lost a ton ton of stuff (our stack of diamonds my staff and septer etc. So I decided to screw it and go do some gregtech. I moved all the bronze (except the furnace for steel) over to the thaumma tree. I also set up basic electricity (almost). Also if something is the last ingot we have please save it. I can always transmute more ty.

Also I set up a water pump so we don’t have to keep refiling the small coal boilers (neat huh) (pretty darm cheap to). I also set up a steam storage thing just shut off the redstone engines and let steam build if not full already

Wiremill and extruder up ( I can’t figure out why its not working)