Got some new Hacker names/ID

Place: Nuketown
Server: Nuketown Server
Time: 14:25 (GMT +7)
Who: R4ZOR

If u ever find them start votekick for aimbot reason/ Analyze them first then do a Vote if they really do it again


  • I have been an spectator before so i use that tool to see them but my laptop is really lags and the video file can’t be uploaded

Lol, easy to headshot when spawnkilling. Tbh, I’m pretty sure both are legit… especially Mindsaw, have played with him before he was really good :-X Also, I think it’s not an aloha server??

First of all, we can’t know if someone is hacking without our technique
I suggest you to read this guide:
Also, as i see that’s not an aloha server, so if you will report someone here, make sure he’s on an aloha server, because we can’t do anything in others servers

Thanks for reading


ok i got it thanks