GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL! football (soccer) server up

the tent is now a ball. jump when you’re near it to kick it. jump while looking up to kick it even even farther! kick it into your opponent’s goal to score. this is football aka soccer, a scripted game mode by hompy for Ace of Spades:

thanks to Big Jimmy for the video.

play at aos://1379434439:46887 or look for “ football/soccer” on the Ace of Spades play page. there are currently five maps in rotation, all by jojoe.

optional but highly recommended: save this custom cp.kv6 into your ~\Ace of Spades\kv6 folder to replace the default tent with a ball. more fun and easier to play this way!


lol, quite awesome =)
I wonder however, it’s possible to kill/shoot each other on the server, while it doesn’t seem so in this video.

it’s possible, but killing is disabled by default on all maps except skullcourse. killing and building are automatically enabled on that map!

Sweet, I saw another one of these before, but I didn’t know if aloha would get one or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Izzy, want me to make a video with better frame rate? so it don’t look so laggy?


No its not, because I’m asking if he want me to make a video about the football with less lag in it.

sure go for it

TaDa, hope you like it.


It’s definitely a lot of fun. Only problems being ways out of some of the fields and a lot of the time there can be too many people going after the ball which gets really messy, I’ve played a couple of games with smaller teams which I did find better.

good job thanks Jimmy, added to first post


I’m going to play Kernkraft 400 when I’m on this server.