Shamefur Dispray…

Please Don’t make aloha take your maps of
AvSmallFortress (My Favourite Map)
AvStorage (2nd Favourite Map)
AvSides (Used To Be My Favourite
AVVirtual (Fun Map)
AvSeaFort (Really Fun Map but can get annoying since is pretty small)
And The Other maps are just maps that I enjoy playing
None of your maps are bad
You are probably my favourite mapper

But… but… buuut… BUT! :’(

RIP arena
I played other arena servers other than csmps just because of your maps :’(
please don’t go :’(…please

Why the fuck did dismiss him as server Guard? Admit it, arena servers would die without AVuKY’s maps.

None of your business why he was demoted. I’m sure AVuKY would share that with you if he felt it was prevalent.

Also AVuKY afaik you aren’t un-whitelisted on the MC server, you really think we’d demote you and then fuck you off man? You’re still trusted and always welcome in the IRC the demotion was nothing personal, it was the right thing to do for us all.

Gee, someone’s angry about asking, my bad and sorry. Anyways, the thing is that I don’t like how the arena servers will be with all AVuKY’s maps taken out. It is what makes arena servers set apart from other arena servers.

Lone_Wolf, I’m not sure how his mapmaking has anything to do with his guardship. Yeah, he made maps for us. That doesn’t entitle him to neglect his duties as a staff member, conduct wise and administration wise. In addition, we don’t want to remove his maps, nor do I think we are going to. He’s just being really spiteful is all.

Turns out he was un-whitelisted from the MC server. My bad.

As one window closes another will open, there is plenty of other good arena maps, many people still love to make them, and people will step up to the challenge at making an “Avuky standard map”. Everything will work out, we lost a great creator, but it’s not the end, there are more.

Avuky I wish you happy trails and many accomplishments wherever you go. Good luck and keep up the creativity.

You were a great friend, and I love to play on a mc server with you in the future :slight_smile:
Always here for you pal!
The iron loving penguin, Taesun.

AVuKY… Hope you change your mind.

its sad to see you leave, you where a blast to play with and I did enjoy your maps. May you prosper in the other activities you will do and I do hope to see you around the irc :3. Best of LUCK -Roy

Never really knew you but it sad to see you go! Good luck in your future AoS endeavors, although with maps as good as yours i think you’ll be fine :wink:

Some people quite frankly aren’t cut out for the job. And that’s okay. You want to have fun in this game, and that’s alright; to be honest, I think most of us are a bit crazy to willingly give up our rights to have fun in exchange for guarding the aloha servers.

The position of “guard” carries the following description: a trial admin for the aloha servers. And well, if you’re not really doing adminning, you probably shouldn’t be on that list. You’re perfectly capable of enjoying benefits such as trusted protection and the option of helping out by taking videos and posting them; but you can prioritize having fun as well.

Rather than saying you were demoted, it’s probably better to say you were honorably discharged from the line of service.

Reki (on behalf of all aloha admins)

I think it’s kind of unnecessary to make us remove your maps just because you’re upset about being demoted.

First of all: Goodbye from me too. I really enjoyed playing at your maps and I love them all.

But same as PXYC said: why do you want us to delete all your maps?
If you think that this will damage us you will be wrong.
The other players who are no staffehere will be very sad. Imagine a typical player who plays this game for fun: he comes on Arena and he wont find your maps althought he loved them. There arent that much players who play Ace of Spades, maybe we gonna lose some because your maps are out.

I dont know anything about the demotion process, but we still love and respect you for your mapping work and skills here. Maybe it wasnt enough for guard things, but please think about removing your maps.

Anyway, good luck and hopefully see you again,