Good iOS games? POST NOW!

Since I spend 3% of my life on my iPod can someone tell me a good game? Also something that I can use to get on irc and not leave #aloha while afk? Reply please :slight_smile:

Clash of Clans is a pretty good game. I know a few others have been playing it. If you want to go on the IRC maybe try using Safari? I’m looking for an application that will allow me to go on the IRC aswell. I’m pretty sure it must be made by Quakenet because it is there IRC servers uses, not %100 sure though, I can be wrong.

Back when I used to play iOS games a lot. (When I had time) I played Great Little War Game, Civ, and Worms 2 as well as the Asphalts and whatever other racing game came out.

dragon island blue is bae

also you can download an emulator if you wanna play gba games n shit

Nice games. I had Asphalt 8 was fun, kept me busy for a while. Instead of games is it possible to be on IRC 24/7 on mobile? Is there an app for it? Like I know about bouncers, but never had one. If anyone knows please post.
PS I use an apple iPod

you need an irc client to use one (i use irc999 b/c free)
if you don’t mind paying you could probably use colloquy

i never pay for a game or something like that Lel. But ya thanks. I got bnc4free before.

Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to get this topic to the top to get replys and editing posts does not do that. I have IRC999 and as you all know I am American and Canadian and I am currently in Canada. With IRC999 the closest server is is in United States 558.29 km Black Lotus 5231 (17%). It does not let me connect because it is in the United States. I have got TurboIRC but it's not really 'Turbo'. I am positive it disconnects you after a mear ten minutes of inactivity, I will see.

Screen shots of IRC999A, yes A, no difference.

Settings: Please tell me if I made an error in the settings as it may be the problem:


I have a Bnc, panicbnc.

EDIT: There is Turboirc3, I got it. Going to see what I can do with it.

Real Racing 3 is nice but takes about a year till you got everything I think

Yeah I have it

Quiz up trivia crack clash of clans geometry dash crossy road patch mania aa 2048 dumb ways to die true skate Those imo are my top 10

MOBA game in iOS pretty good.

Geometry Dash.
Challenging yet fun. :smiley:

yess Crossy Road is really fun and addicting

Necrobumping, scrubs!

Try Case Clicker, Stick Run, Blocky Highway, Hovercraft or Katatak. And Ace Attorney games.

They all are really fun for me.

Metal Slug Defense

Darza’s Dominion. It is like Realm of the Mad God, just not on PC. It is coming out on Android soon, I think.

isnt GTA on iOS?