Golf - wallhacks and occasional snap to shots

Hey Aloha staff,
Please review this footage of golf. I suspect wall hacks and toggle aim bot. and There were some other give aways in the previous 2 matches but I think what I have recorded should be sufficient. This happened on bable and the recording took place at 2021-02-21 23:17 GMT. He is trusted by the way.

Here are the highlights:

1st video

  • 1:14 - shoots into the sky and kills gordon at 10 o’clock
  • 1:38 - im willing to bet that severus is in line with the block golf shoots into
  • 1:49 - looks like a snap shot to me
  • 2:28 - more shooting into blocks in line with where reds are
  • 4:23 - shoots into a block that a red is covered by
  • 4:53 - again shoots into a block at a red he hasnt seen yet. would have been a headshot
  • 5:55 - bullet doesnt even go wheres golf is looking

second video

  • 00:38 shoots and kills Ermie through block


Alright, I see that you are spectating in BetterSpades. This is probably the cause of the weird shots few select weird shots. e.g. the Goron shot and the shot that doen’t go where the rifle is pointing.

To spectate someone and record you should use pubovl ( This is a much better spectate tool that will give a more accurate first person account. Also it shows enemy players so that we can tell if they are using esp/wallhack. (This is only for the classic client. OS has it’s own first person spectate with doctor dank’s version which can be found on the forum).

Throughout both videos, I do not see an aimbot-like snap. Aimbot snaps snap (faster than humanly possible) to the center of the head. In this video, there is no aimbot snap that I can see. When golf seems to shoot someone through a block it seems a more likely explanation is lag or he is ducking back into cover while he takes a shot so it hits the block. (when he is using opposing tower as cover). A good way to tell is to display the player you are spectating’s ping every second which you can do with the /pw command. (in voxlap, you can display your own ping by pressing f11. it displays a graph that shows your own connections)

Overall, I cannot give a ban to this player given this evidence. In addition, many staff members including myself have spectated this player and have found this player not to be cheating. Thanks for reporting anyhow.

Okay, fair enough. Thanks for the tips.