Golden-Eggs mini game [build-only server]

F176 made a cute lil mini game on the newly reset build-only server:

[ol]- the main goal of the game is to make all yellow blocks disappear

  • the second goal of the game is to match any of the six patterns on the wall, and doing so will mark a green square around that particular pattern[/ol]

how to make a yellow block disappear, you ask? well, you walk on it, of course, you silly goose!

also, walking on a yellow block causes its neighboring blocks to become opposite of their current state. so if, for example, a yellow block has a yellow block neighbor, and you step on either of them, then they will both disappear. if a block is already gone, and you step on its neighboring yellow block, then the block that was gone will reappear.

play it on the build-only server @ aos://2791176354:52887
view live map:

whoa thats mind blowing. i didnt know you can build something like that