while i am playing in aloha,i was in the top of this hallway then when i was walking there normally a glitch occur and said “Icarus-Silenci0 felled too far”,i wasnt really jumping in that place but it said that.Please fix that glitch,i am in Las Vegas currently and the ping is about 52ms…

…did you fall off the edge of the hallway and thus died?

Or perhaps you flew just a bit too close to the sun.

Fell into a ditch maybe or an earthquake shook you off your feet. Or rubberbanding.

on hallway, when you are on the top there is usually a bit of lag which is unnoticeable on the ping level. most people will notice this when sniping from the top and missing often even though they’re always hitting the mark. i think this is a problem since the game is doing it’s best to manage all the players on the bottom and on the top and it’s not used to having people so high up on the map. every once in a while there is a rubber band that causes you to magically teleport off the hallway and die. i’m pretty sure this isn’t a fixable problem since it has to do with the game. even if your ping is 52ms it’s still possible to encounter this game. it’s just something you’re going to have to live with. it’s usually why i run through the bottom of the hallway instead of the top \o/

In summary, it’s rubberbanding. Reki just jokes a lot because he hates when it happens to him.

Nice one Reki.

Notice his name is Icarus :slight_smile:

Beat meh to it :frowning:

Yes, its been known to happen on Babel as well. Once you build the stairs and climb toward the platform level it kills you saying that you have fallen too far even though you haven’t.

I know for a fact many people rubberband off the ceiling of hallway, particularly if the staircase is built going forward rather than going sideways.
On babel this is also an issue, specifically with the gap between the platform and the stairs.